Hourly Rate                     $59.99

-Troubleshooting of hardware and software

-Hardware repair and replacement

-Does not include parts


Diagnostic                        $39.99

-Diagnose your laptop or desktop

-Diagnose your electronic device

-Scan with comprehensive hardware test

-Notify of diagnosis and repair cost

Reload OS                         $79.99

-Format hard drive and install Operating System

-Install drivers and latest updates

-Install basic utility applications

-Install free antivirus from Microsoft

-Install your previous Microsoft Office (2010 or lower) or LibreOffice

Fight Virus/Tune-Up     $59.99

-Clean up temp files

-Clean registry

-Remove unwanted startup items and applications

-Recommend hardware and software upgrades

-Remove dust from inside computer and clean surface

(does not guarantee it will completely rid of virus)


Data Recovery               $119.99

-Recover data from an internal or external hard drive

-Recover data from a failing or failed hard drive

Data Backup                   $59.99

-Backup serial numbers for OS & Microsoft Office

-Backup Drivers

-Backup your user profile (Pictures, Music, Documents)

-Up to 60 GB (extra $40 for additional data)

Apple Diagnostic              $59.99

-Diagnose your Apple

-Scan with comprehensive hardware test

-Notified with diagnosis and repair cost

Express Fee                        $39.99

-Expedited services available for same day or next day repair

Thorough Cleaning          $14.99

-Blow out dust from computer

-Clean surface

-Clean internal (desktop only)

-Fine detailing in crevices




iPhone 4                                                            $60

iPhone 4s                                                          $60

iPhone 5                                                            $70

iPhone 5c                                                          $70

iPhone 5s                                                          $80

iPhone SE                                                          $80

iPhone 6                                                          $100

iPhone 6 Plus                                                 $110


iPhone 6s                                                        $130


iPhone 6s Plus                                               $180


Samsung Galaxy Phones                 Part + $60/hr


Most iPads                                                      $120


Tablet/Phone charging ports                        $60


*Prices for other parts may vary*

Hourly Rate                       $79.99


-Have a tech service your computer right from your home or business


-Diagnose and repair problems with your computer


-Install or configure software; troubleshoot problems


-Setup or move existing equipment


-Troubleshoot printers, faxes, and other devices


-Setup or configure other misc electronics


-Upgrade existing equipment


-Configure security settings


-If out of town, additional $20 on top of total price per 20 miles


Express Fee                       $39.99

-Services available for same or next day appointments

Network Troubleshooting                          $119.99\hr

-Internet and network problems

-Slow speeds

-Troubleshoot network hardware and replace

Software Install            $29.99

-Install software and update

-Configure software

-Install drivers for device

-Reset password for Windows login

*Does not include profiles linked to Microsoft Account*

Hardware Install          $29.99

-Install hardware into your computer

-Install necessary drivers

-Test equipment with desired application

-Includes: RAM, Hard Drives, Card Readers..etc

  *Does not include labor instensive installs*